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Why we are thinking in the 21st Century the way we do must have something to do with the neighborhood we growing up in. We adjust to our surroundings and most of us eventual roll with the punches. Regardless what we do, harmony and balance in life is still something most people dream about. Being born at the beginning of World War II, my childhood memories are of violent nature. Not knowing my father, living with my grandparents for a while and then with my mother; I can't remember somebody ever explaining to me what the war was all about. Everything around me was destroyed and food was scares. As a 10 year old boy I had no idea on what side I was on. I was taught Russian and six month later English and French. Even two years later I had no understanding of the political situation of my country. The educational system was cautiously optimistic about telling us what went wrong in Germany. I had other problems; to keep up with three languages and all the other subjects like physics, chemistry, biology. I was good in drawing, handwriting, history, geography and sports. The lack of educational tools at this time did not inspired kids to take an interest in learning something. The first time I understood what went wrong in Europe, is when I read a book from Friedrich Meinecke (1862-1954), translated by Sidney B. Fay "The German Catastrophe" about the social and historical influences which led to the rise and ruin of Hitler and Germany. His long span of life enabled him to observe and reflect upon the tragic cycle of Germany's rise and fall. It helped me later in life to understand where I came from and what I am all about. Because my mother worked as a waitress for the American Military, I met many soldiers. Gifts and time spend with me made a great impression. Traveling around for two years in the fifties through Germany selling Magazine subscriptions was an eye opener. I was exposed to the real world and I learned quickly the importants of making money. You could buy things, and have a good time. Reading a newspaper was boring because you really did not care about what was going on in the world. You never got an answer to your question anyway. To see American Western films was exiting. They were different and had a lot of action. Rock n' Roll we listen on AFN Radio and all the trends we picked up from the movies. Certain literature we passed in school under the table from time to time and girls were on our minds most of the time. But everything what the American GI's had was impressive and as a friend of mine from across the street left for America to live with his mother, I started dreaming. My problem was that I could not come to grips with the past and refused to accept all the killings and destruction as a normal way of life. The post world war area had no time to brainwash us teenagers yet and so I applied for a job at a new American Hotel, with the idea to go to America were you could fulfill your dreams. I had no idea what to expect there but then I ended up first in Canada and a year later immigrated to the United States. I had my back against the wall because of no job and little English. But through good work you managed and adjusted well to your new surroundings as so many immigrants did in the past. In New York I meet a German girl and we got married in Connecticut , were my sister lived, who came in the early fifties as a babysitter to the United States. I started out as a waiter but took on another full time job as a Display man. My handwriting impressed the employer and I had an interview. This was great, I told them that I wanted the job and felt qualified for it. After being hired I learned everything on the job. For the next four years I worked 16 hours a day, started a family with two sons and became a good consumer and American citizen. After being promoted to a manager I had to give up the part-time work as a waiter, because of added responsibility and longer work hours. Three times I threatened to leave the job if I didn't get an salary increase. They needed me and I got the raise. Everything was going well. We rented a house in the country for 140 Dollars a month and lived there happily for 15 years. After 10 years in this country my family took a trip back to Germany and visit my wife's parents, my mother and grandfather. I was proud that my sons had the opportunity to meet their great grandfather who lived to be 93 years old. In the meantime I found out on what side I was on and started following the news on television of the cold war between USA and Soviet Union and the Vietnam debacle. I was busy at work and started getting involved in the community. Little League, Church Activities, Library Book Fund Raiser and U.S. Bicentennial Celebration got my attention. I remembered the wisdom; "if you feel strong about something, you got to get involved". I watched television, started reading and took noticed of what is going on in this country. So far I truly enjoyed the American dream. With 37 years of age I had everything most people in the world were still dreaming about; a good job I enjoyed, a family, a reasonable place to live, two cars, a camper, vacation and a swimming pool. I even started a small print shop in the cellar. My involvement in the Bicentennial celebration made me curious about the Constitution and the history of this country. This changed my life. It started bothering me that 30 years after World War II, people still kill each other and that most of the time ideology, poverty and greed were the cause of it. I recognized, as I studied the Constitution, that it was a great idea of free people ordaining their own government and limiting it by a written document of their own devising. Freedom, equality, equal justice for all and pursue of happiness with the least interference of government, the human race has never experienced before. The 20th century finally became the battleground of good and evil. Are we ready to live by our Constitution or continue to live in a land of make-believe. Slowly I noticed that hypocrisy is ruling this country. We talk about one way and then do it another way. But it did not change the fact that people who escaped Europe's feudalism had no plan to combine the Constitution with a common good philosophy to create a better environment for all people. We heard about all the past empires who ruled people with an iron fist and followed the trail of the killing fields around the world. But why did we try to eliminate the Native Americans from this continent; had a civil war between Americans; treated black slaves as foreign subjects and they had to wait another 120 years for a civil rights movement what made them equal to whites by law; woman had to fight for their acceptance by man to be an equal partner in society; capitalism abused labor and never established a fair wage for a fair job; money became the ruling force and government participate in it; and we are using the word democracy as we had one. All of the sudden I was confronted with these issues and still had no answers of what went wrong in the country I grew up in. I noticed that in the beginning this country had no class consciousness and the frontier served as an escape for discontented workers; ethnic diversity prevented class solidarity and abundant resources meant vast wealth for many. People grew up under the influence that when they compared themselves with the rest of the world, it was still better here then anywhere else. Bureaucracy was established in Europe hundreds of years ago and became the control factor of a relative small continent. But slowly it has been creeping into this country and establishes itself as a real problem. Federal, State, County and City/Town Government get their hands into everything and the justification is; "we are only doing our job". On top of it we don't even teach our children the meaning of our Constitution and the day in and day out responsibility to live under. All of the sudden in the middle of the 70's the American dream came to a squeaking halt for me. Continued changes at the work place; equal employment put my courier on hold and with the rising cost of living we indebted ourselves to a point of no return. What were the reasons of these changes? The end of the Vietnam war? That a barrel of oil went from 14 to 23 Dollar? The Watergate scandal? Government saved New York City from bankruptcy and bailed out Chrysler? The largest inflation in 33 years? or that the divorce rate soars 69% over a decade? Something has changed. But as before we start rolling with the punches. To take a quote out of the Chronicle of America, (March 1, 1979) more American have TV sets than ever before, but is television any better? In a Washington Post poll, 99 percent said they owned a set. But only 17 percent said the shows were better now then five years ago, and 41 percent they were worse. The Post found TV watching has declined, with 54 percent watching less than they did five years ago. More than a third said they would pay a small fee to get rid of commercials, which they found too long, loud and untrue. 25 years later we have HBO, Direct TV and more then enough of stupid commercials. But to be fair I do enjoy the Discovery, History, International News Channels and a good movie ever so often. Dealing in statistics became an obsession of the media. I guess, in a system that takes care of itself most people get frustrated, confused, or show dissatisfaction in their environment. The fact is that we became dependent on a service orientated superficial lifestyle. My dream to be independent started to fade because I was not able to save money for a down payment to start my own business. But thanks to a profit sharing fund from the 50's and my ability and ideas to take care of myself, I was able to buy a small 30 year old motel with a 15 year mortgage. Nobody gave us the time and day to survive this venture because the right to be small and successful was already a thing of the past. But being a jack of all trades, I managed and achieved life's best value; to have time for things that you really wanted to do. This of course is only possible if you are independent and are not afraid to work. I again recognized that one needs a plan to make dreams come true. Most of the time kids leave the parents home when they reached the age of adulthood, but for us it was the other way around. We moved out and became Innkeepers. With forty-three years of age I turned a new leaf. After I was told that I cannot serve two masters, I took an early retirement offer of a one year salary and retired. After twenty-four years on one job I was now on my own. I have to admit that this would not have been possible if my wife and I didn't work so well together to make it happen. It looked like that after seven years we were over the hump but inflation and only having twelve rooms in a highly seasonal area took their toll and we came close to loose it all. I tried to get a another job but in the mean time we started to discriminate against old age. Technology has changed the job market. The need of expertise gave in to youth for half price. So I ran for town supervisor and representative to congress, only to find out that without the backing of the parties you don't stand a chance. To be part of the establishment you have to be one of the boys to get the good paying jobs and be connected for life. You seldom get the acceptation of local people. They resigned themselves to there way of life that they won't trust any outsiders to help them improve there small community. Sad but understandable. As soon the local press called me a gadfly, what I accepted as a compliment, I knew that my knowledge and motivation was not wanted. So I went back to the old country and was lucky to find a job as a sales manager for a furniture store. What an experience and what a difference in doing business. I worked there a week and was thinking that in America this firm would have been bankrupt by now. It took them two years and I was unemployed. But German bureaucracy was kind to me and paid me sixty percent of my income for the next five years. Then I retired with 65 and received my social security and our Motel was saved. What a way of doing business in the richest country on earth. It looks to me that all the greatness and bigness is destroying the self-esteem and self-determination of it's people. Big business, mergers, buyouts, lawsuits and corruption is making the news. Reading the Wall Street Journal and New York Times at least three times a week I cannot comprehend all the millions and billions dollars of lawsuits and nobody admits any wrong doing. A system what forces people into debt and dishonest dealings, just to survive is doomed in the long run. The working middle class is scared of loosing their jobs and has to settle for an income what cannot even support a family. Where did we go wrong in this country what is so proud of their achievements over the last 100 years. When a government can collect over 2 Trillion Dollars of taxes and is not capable to give at least 120 million working people peace of mind and a fair chance to better themselves, then I guess we need a change from the top down. In the past we had wars and depressions and most of us never really figured out how they came about. All the things I been reading about, I am sure to say that this was creative destruction to keep the common people off balance and pre-occupied. This way the elite is always in the driver seat and directs their course of action. How to break this cycle in a persons lifetime can only start with a better understanding and education of our children. But in a consumer society we make sure that nobody get that smart and becomes a danger to the status quo. So we developed an honest lie that makes his rounds daily. We saying something what we don't mean and we respond to problems without solving them. We make laws and then play with them because everybody has a different interpretation. We think big but cheap. Volume orientation of the few and extended for the majority will be our ruin. A dependent middle class on corporations and government will cancel out the American dream very soon, maybe it did already. My eleven month trip through the 48 United States gave me a first hand account of what is going on in this country. I was not impressed. The honest lie lives on; we are the best and the greatest! We created an Amendment to the Constitution that nobody can mistreat our flag, while our politicians hide behind their parties to escape accountability for the common good of all Americans. I guess, to change this we have to eliminate the party system as we know it and find a way to attract individual citizens who want to be accountable politician. Why must money play so an important role in getting elected? Why don't we start in the small community and work our way up? We elect supervisors and council people who being considered to run for county office, then for State Senate and Assembly and Governor, the final step would be the Senate and House of Representative. If Senate and House is the ways and means for us, then they should work for the interest for the people and not for the interest of a party. They should consider electing three presidents to run this country. One for Foreign Affairs, one for Interior Affairs and one for the Security of this Nation. We had and still have Kings, Dictators and Presidents that symbolize power only with a military might behind them. If we as Americans are so different because we call ourselves a Constitutional Republic, then we should have no problems and take on the leadership for the common good throughout the world by supporting the United Nations and establish ourselves as an example Nation that lives up to it's ideals of justice and freedom for all the people. Utopia? I don't think so when people demand from their government fair policies and common sense resolutions. I realize that in itself is revolutionary and for this reason needs the attention of every citizen in the United States of America. The worst we properly have to do is refine "capitalism" as we done with all the other ...ism's and stop the divide and conquer philosophy what is been getting every nation into trouble for the last 2000 years. With a great loss of life we survived 233 years and are now on a crossroad to decide what way to go into the future; status quo, military might or a peaceful coexistence among all nations on earth. Actual a simple choice for the majority of people when they can agree of what kind of system will get them there. Democracy sounds good but is not the answer, because without law there can be no freedom. www.youtube.com/watch?v=DioQooFIcgE The American Form of Government is a Constitutional Republic.This means we are a system of Law and Jury. The essence of freedom is to limit the power of government. It bothers me that we have so many intellectual scholars, college professors, analysts and common sense people who been failing miserably in making positive changes for the common good with this kind of unique system from the 18. Century. As I look for reasons to make a difference, I always come back to the fact that we actually do it to ourselves by not teaching our children a life preparing constitutional curriculum and that an adult has not the time to get involved, because he is so busy making a living. Faith, values and honesty is being marketed to a point that a person looses not only his self-respect but the respect for other people. We seem to have an answer for everything, but most of the time after the facts and so we never escape the vicious cycle of apathy. With another 100 million increase of population by 2050 we properly won't remember very much of our problems today, but better times for the common citizen will be not in sight, because many people still think that to control the masses you need the  democratic government bureaucracy. Is globalization the road to world socialism? It looks scary for now. So will the drama continue from generation to generation until we recognize what we dealing with and voice consensus for the common good. This what VOICE is  all about. Try to make a invisible start to give citizens a positive outlet to communicate with other people who have some idealism left and commit themselves to help educating the young. Our target date is the "Hands around the Globe" effort by 6.26.2026. An unconventional date for an unconventional effort to make a difference. I will be 86 years old and hope to see the day when the majority of people breaks loose from the status quo and decides to live for the common good and in a society were every citizen can respect the Law. In the mean time I will continue and update this website to make people think for themselves and support a viable tool for taxpayers (The Articles of Freedom ) to take charge of their communities. I also will talk to children in schools about a Constitution lobby, help Friends of the Library with a fund raiser and hand out a World Peace Passport to peace messengers and travel throughout the world in support of a Citizens World Peace Agreement among citizen. It was my world travel in the last fifteen years what gave me back the confidence that there are idealistic citizens everywhere who appreciate the new communication technology for common sense citizens to work for the common good. For  six month I traveled 2011 through all 50 States and talked about H.R.Bill 808 Legislation, Establishment of a Department of Peace. I was surprised that nobody knew anything about it.This bill is since 2003 stuck in sub-committees. I promised Congressman Dennis Kucinich from Ohio that I wont turn my back on this legislation, because this is the only chance we ever will get to have one day world peace. It should be the goal of every person and peace organization to support a department of peace in every nation.

               The World Peace  Prayer Society Sanctuary in Wasaic, New York State

             People of all cultures  -    step up to a peaceful world 

IQTask Cool About world citizen who work now and in the past for peace and fairness around the World...On this page we list all the names of people who earned respect from their fellow citizen for civic and peaceful actions.

                     PEOPLE TO PEOPLE

  Robert L.Schulz,Sr.,Chairman, We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc.

I am privileged to have met Bob Schulz who diligentness works for us.....to take another look at the Constitution.

Ferdinand Pecora (6.6.1882-12.7.1971) Lawyer,Judge and 1930 Chief Counsel of US Committee on Banking and Currency

Let us return to the year 1933, the fourth year of the Great Depression. With a new congress on the way a revitalized Senate Banking and Currency Committee is about to begin hearings. Wall Street banks were called to appear before Ferdinand Pecora. Since 1929, fourty-percent of all American banks had closed while the accounts of nine million individuals and families were forever lost. The New York Stock Exchange was a fifth of its 1929 value and by the time the shocking landslide victory of President-elect Franklin Roosevelt was inaugurated, there would be seventeen million unemployed. The investigation into the financial racketeering that had brought on the Depression began in the United States Senate. Following the Pecora investigation and hearings would be a great wave of New Deal regulatory legislation which would keep America's corpoate predators in check for over sixty years. Some of these legislative acts were known as the Security Act of 1933 and the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) Others were the Glass-Steagell Banking Act and the Wheeler-Rayburn Public Utility Holding Company Act. Almost all of this regulatory legislation would varnish or diluted in the permissive atmosphere of the New Economy 1990's. Ironically it was a Democratic president named William Jefferson Clinton that gleefully put his pen to the deregulating legislation of the era. Excerpt of Jackie Corr Article.

Judge Ferdinand Pecora let's us know today that the 2008 financial crisis was no surprise, but well planned by people who run our Financial Institution. We should read "Wall Street under Oath" The story of our Modern Money Changers 1939 by Ferdinand J. Pecora. Should we have another Congressional Hearing?

Simone Weil 1909-1943 Pacifist, Philosopher and social activist in the French resistance during World War II whose posthumously published works had particular influrence on French and English social thought.

Clara Zetkin 1857-1933 Social Democrat, recommended "International Womens Day" on May 8,

Mahatma Gandhi 1868-1948, International symbol of a free India. "I have nothing new to teach the world.Truth and non-violence are as old as the hills." The purpose of education is to bring the best in you."

Harry Belafonte, March 1,1927, musician, "King of Calypso", actor  and social activist, since 1987 Unisef Ambassador and initiator of "We are the world".

Karlheiz Böhm, March 16,1929, Austrian actor and founder of "People to People", who helps needy in Ethiopia, Africa

Alison Des Forges, 1942 - 2009, Advocate killed in plan crash. A historian and human rights activist who documented the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. Our condolence to her family and all the people who knew her personal. We will remember her for her courage and peace effort.

Thomas Jefferson 1743 - 1826, 3rd President, Democratic - Repupublican, As a member of the 1st Continental Congress he drafted the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America.

"The will of the majority is the natural law of every society and the only sure gurdian of the right of man, though this may err, yet its errors are honest, solitary and short lived."

 Jiddu Krishnamurti 1895 - 1986, was undoubtable one of the greatest philosophical minds of the 20th century

"We want saints and gurus and leaders and heroes because we are lazy. We think they have done all the work, and all that we have to do is just to follow them. You know, when you follow somebody you're not only destroying yourself, but the other whom you follow."

In the early morning hours of a February Tuesday Habitat for Humanity International founder Millard Fuller 1935 - 2009 passed away.  The first seeds of Habitat were sown at Koinonia Farm, a Christian farming community founded in southwest Georgia,USA in the 1940s. A program of "partnership housing" - building simple houses in partnership with rural neighbors too poor to qualify for conventional home loans. The first house was dedicated in 1969. In 1973, the Fullers took the concept to Africa. By Habitat"s 25th anniversary in 2001, tens of thousands of people were volunteering with Habitat and more than 500,000 people were living in Habitats homes. In the years since, Habitat has built more than 300 000 houses around the world. In his own words:"The goal of this organization is to make sure that all families have a good place to live. To accomplish that ambitious goal, decent and good housing must become the heart"s desire of committed and generous people. Substandard housing must become socially, religiously, morally and politically unacceptable."  Thank you Millard Fuller.

 Howard Zinn 1922-2016, one of the country most celebrated historian who wrote "A People History of the United States" was speaking a few days after the election of the president of the United States 2009 at the Binghamton University in Upstate New York on "War and Social Justice". Voice and transcript on www.democracynow.org . Our condolence to a person who acknowledged the truth  and nothing but the truth.

 Bruce Gagnon, 1952- , Veteran, Activist, Organizer of the Global Network against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space raises awareness of what is at stake. The role of the U.S. in the new world corporate order is going to be to export security. That means endless wars and weapons in space.  Bruce Gagon said: "How we ever end America's addiction to war and violence as long as our communities are dependent on military spending for jobs. We must work to convert the military industrial complex to sustainable technologies like windpower, solar and mass transit". www.space4peace.org  

 Georg Calin 1937-2008, funny and smart comedian of the past 50 years. Only insulting to people who don't think for themselves and close their mind to reality. It does not say much about our society when only thru comedy you can say the truth. And this he did with a passion. Listen at youtube to  some of his performances on "Who really controls America" - "Rights and Privileges" - "Saving the Planet" - "We like war" - "Child worship". The book "Last Words" is an irreverantly funny, yet deeply honest story about George's life.

 Friedrich Wilhelm Von Steuben 9.17.1730 - 11.28.1794 A German officer, who took part during the American Revolution. He helped install discipline in the Continental Army through his drilling techniques in Valley Forge.

Do we need today discipline and peaceful techniques?

 Oprah Winfrey - 1954, Entertainer, actress and sinse 1984 Talk Show Host. It is said that she is a friend of the world and a role model for all the people, of any gender, of any race and of any group. My respect goes out to her with a wish to talk to her about world peace. She became a famous entertainer but also failed to use her talent  and name to reflect more on the values of our Constitutional Republic and world leadershiup to children. I appreciate what she is doing  today and say that it is never to late to make your mark in future childrens heart. The Oprah Winfrey Show

 Hezel Henderson, 1933,  Author and renowned Futurist - Creating a Culture of Peace - Sharing Vision of Equitable,Sustainable Societies.

Ivonne A-Baki, Ambassador of Ecuador to the United States of America. - Women Building a Culture of Peace

Yoko Ono,Peace Activist for Life. www.imaginepeace.co

34.President Dwight D. Eisenhower of the United States of America. 14.10.1890-28.3.1969Founder of People to People International 1956. "I have long believed, as have many before me, that peaceful relations between nations require understanding and mutual respect between individuals".

Yoshioka Tatsuya, Co-Founder and Director of the Japan-based international organization Peace Boat. In 1983, he started organizing voyages for peace education and people to people reconciliation between Japan and other Asian countries.

  Karl Rabeder, 1962-  Austrian Business man who helps people everywhere with small Micro Credits Since he sold his company in 2004, he supported several orphanage projects in Central and South America.


 Eugene Victor Debs (1855 - 1926) American Pasifist once said:"Years ago I declared that there was only one war in which I would enliste and that was the war of the workers of the world against the exploiters of the world. I declared moreover that the working class had no interest in the wars declared and waged by the ruling class of various countries upon one another for conquest and spoil.  Debs anit-war views may have been rooted in his Humanistic ideals of justic and fraternity, but perhaps more so in his strong class consciousness. As base, Debs felt all war is class war. It is armed conflict which arms the working class of both sides to go out and kill in the interest of the property of the ownership class.

Listen to Anne Freeney Song "It is a war on the workers. It is time we are calling the shots. She is a lovely women, look at her home page  annefeeny.com

Benjamin B. Ferencz (1920-     ) As an enlisted man he fought in Europe, World War 2. He worked for the newly created War Crime Branch of the Army to gather evidence of Nazi brutality and apprehended the criminals. Mr. Ferencz became Chief Prosecutor for the United States in Nürnberg 1945. A strong supporter of the International Criminal Court, he advocates steps to replace the rule of force with the rule of law. 3 steps will bring us there: 1- Laws determain the rights and wrongs. 2 - Courts in every country will hear the cases. 3- System of enforcement. Democracy only can work if people know the truth. His message to young People: " Study, read War is a Lie and talk about it to your Representatives, relatives and friends".



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