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Young people are the pioneers of new ways, since they face many temptations it will not be easy to know what is best.

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Our resistance isn't so much about what we do as who we are: it cuts right inside of us, into our very being, into our belief system, into our democratic hopes, into our anti corporate desires, into our whole mental environment.

Age of Anger - A History of the Present by Pankaj Mishra is one of the most important book to understand why we still live under a destructive world view. 


                          Hold the world together with knowledge

                 We think peace - we ask for peace - we distribute peace

             "Borders do not only run between nations,

                                                              they run also between top and bottom."

"Everybody can relate to it. It should make us think. Why is it so easy to master mind the majority? Is it of educational nature, intelligence or intangibility? By talking or writing about it, I feel like skating on thin ice and move cautiously optimistic in circles. To be neutral and fair about issues requires an overview, motivation and more knowledge. This must be one reason why we avoid profound conservation and talk more about unimportant things. Thanks to books, I can read about every subject and feel a relief when writers hit  my point of view. Actually, there are very interesting and right to the point books published. However, paper stays patient, even when readers do not talk about it. My last book "Collapse, How Societies Choose to Fall or Succeed" by Jared Diamond is an example of how important it is to read about past civilizations. Now I can understand the development of various cultures and their problems and achievements. To find out that a relationship between different events exists gives you a new perspective. I learned to relate dates not only to a timetable but also to multifaceted events that left many directives until today. For an example, I know now why Independence from Feudalism developed and the Victorian times still haunt us and educational systems change very slowly. The Industrial Revolution forced new adaptability on people and the "ism" system reigned. Absolutism, Colonialism, Capitalism, Communism, Nationalism and Socialism left their marks. Every "ism" fought each other but all understood to control their people with power, force or act of violence. Technology flourishes and science dazzles our mind. With the start of the United Nations the divide and conquer philosophy faded. Manipulation took its place. After destruction and loss of many lives, a rapid economic development created a bureaucratic system under an assumed name with party affiliation that developed into a global economic power interest. The word "Democracy" is now the runner. Every party uses this word in their campaign and the media reports like, if we had one. Does our government know that we are a Constitutional Republic? 1215 the Magna Charta elaborated in favor of merchants. In the 18th century, citizen created the U.S. Constitution to restrict the power of government. Since the 20th Century, every country has developed some kind of self-serving Constitution. Most people do not know its content and governments ignore it. A citizen who understands his rights cannot sue in court about it. So much for Justice. As more we look behind the scene and get involved in details, at least 60 % of political decision should be brought before a juridicial examination, before they become law. So much for the three branches of government at work.

It is time to awaken Communities out of a coma with a Community Occupy Movement Affiliated meet-up circle to talk about some of the following book titles. Establishing an overview on how humanity got into all this what is written today about it is the only way to bring Peace and Justice in the near future. Community Network Power must be established in a digital age we live in, because it is transformative as the industrial revolution. Community grassroots groundbreaking meet-up circles are at work for the last 10 years to affiliate; to make a world of difference. Be assured that CNP-Community Network Power and UBI-Universal Base Income issues will be the only answer to the power of money. Read some of the books and you will agree to help us to organize community common sense.

          Books of Interest

The Parlament of Man, by Paul Kennedy 

Our Sister Republic, The Other American Revolution by Caintlin Fitz 

Terrorism, The New World War by Lloyd Pettiford and Davidd Harding 

WuWei Die Lebenskunst des Tao by Theo Fischer 

Industry and Empire by Eric Hobsbawm

The Age of Capital 1848 - 1875 Eric.J.Hobsbawm

Think Like a Champion by Donald J. Trump 

Saving Capitalism for the many, not the few by Robert B. Reich 

The seventh sense by Joshua Cooper Ramo 

Letters to a young activist by Todd Gitlin

A Full Life - Reflections at ninety by Jimmy Carter 

Europe since Napoleon by David Thomson - A coherent picture of modern European history to understand what went wrong til today. 

Politics, Reform and Expansion 1890-1900 by Harald U. Faulkner

The Response to Industrialism 1885-1914 

The Secret of the Ages by Robert Collier

Forces of Fortune by Vali Nasr

Work by Lars Svendsen

The Great Divide by Joseph Stiglitz

Packing the Court by James Mac Gregor Burns 

What goes up - Modern Wall Street by Eric J. Weiner 

the Stories American tell their Presidents by Eli Saslow

Jefferson's second Revolution by Susan Dunn

Fall from Grace by Shelly Ross

The Awakening of American Nationalism 1815-1828 by Georg Dangerfield

Paul Allen, Idea Man by Paul Allen

The Burr Conspiracy by Thomas Perkins Abernethy

The Conservative's Handbook by  Phil Valentine

1001 People who made America by Allen Axelrod

Napoleon's Glance y William Duggan

World Government ready or not by Garry Davis

Governing the World by Mark Mazower

Rites of Peace by Adam Zamoyski

Lawyer's wit and Wisdom edited by Bruce Nash, Allen Zullo and compiled by Kathryn Zullo 

Unstoppable by Ralph Nader

The Seventeen Solutions by Ralph Nader  

The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy by Jim Marris 

Towards a New World by S. Radhakrishnan 

Ouotations of Martin Luther King, Jr 

Time for Outrage - Indignez-vous! by Stéphane Hessel 

The Shaddows of Power - by James Perloff, a book to awaken the general public out of a C.O.M.A. 

Predator Nation - by Charles H. Ferguson

Trail of Tears - by John Ehle

Cahokia Mounds - by William Iseminger

The book of the Navajo - by Raymond Friday Locke 

Indian Givers - by Jack Weatherford 

Anatomy of the Spirit - by Caroline Myss PhD 

How the World Works - by Noam Chomsky

Profit over People - by Noam Chomsky 

Be The People - by Carol M. Swain, PhD

The Leaderless Revolution - by Carne Ross - How Ordinary People Will Take Power And Change Politics in the 21st Century.

It is dangerous to be right when the Government is wrong - by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, A Case for personal Freedom.

Birth 2012 and Beyond, by Barabara Marx Hubbard - Humanity's Great Shift to the Age of Conscience Evolution

Real Common Sense by Brian Kahn - Using our Founding Values to Reclaim our Nation.

The Mature Mind by H.A. Overstreet - Criteria of Maturity, a must for young and old. First published 1949  by W.W.Norton & Co Inc. New York

Alle reden vom Frieden von Horst E.Richter - A paradox intervention


The Meaning of the 21st  Century by James Martin

Sword of the Spirit-Shield of Faith by Andrew Preston - Religion in American war and diplomacy

War is a Lie by David Swanson - An antidote to the toxins of complacency and evasion

How do you Kill 11 Million People? by Andy Andrew "For you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."

The Wizard of Lies by Diana B. Henriques - Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust

Freefall by Joseph Stiglitz - What is your mindset?

Nullification by Thomas Woods Jr. - How to resist Federal Tyranny, the battlegame against big government

The Words of Peace Selected and Edited by Irwin Abrams - Speeches of the Winners of the Nobel Peace Prize

I'd Rather teach Peace by Colman Mc Carthy - one man's passion for peace education

The Sami People by Davvi Girji OS A Handbook of a indigenous population 

The Essential Thomas Paine Introduction by Sidney Hook 

Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss  ( Simon & Schuster)

Time For A NEW Tea Party By Will of the People

The Limits of Power by Andrew J. Bacevich The End of American Exeptionalism

The war of the world by Niall Ferguson  History in full cry - The beginning of the 20th century.

The Rise and Fall of the  American Empire by Niall Ferguson

The American Future by Simon Schama - Is America a warrior culture?

The Thirteen American Arguments by Howard Fineman

After the Reich by Giles McDonogh The brutal history of the allied occupation

Building Peace After War by Mats Bertal

For the Common Good by Matthew W. Finkin and Robert C. Post Principles of American Academic Freedom

Roots by Alex Haley  The Saga of an American Family

Save the world on your own time by Stanley Fish

A Crime so Monstrous by E.Benjamin Skinner Face to face with modern-day slavery

Superclass by David Rothkopf  The Global Power Elite and the world they are making

Will America Change? by Ziauddin Sardar and Merryl Wyn Davies

This book shows how the world's lone hyperpower developed its doctrine of pre-emptive response that led to the disasters of Iraq and Afghanistan. It explores how, from Vietnam to the end of the cold war to Iraq, the U.S. has embraced militarism and used its power to make the world secure for American interest. Each year, the problem of America has become more acute, more invasive and more resented around the world.

A History of Taxation and Expenditure in the Western World by C. Webber, A. Wildavski

  by Ron Paul - He says the truth, nothing but the truth.

Bad Money by Kevin Phillips Reckless Finance Failed Politics and the global Crisis of American Capitaism

Who Killed the Constitution? by Thomas E. Woods Jr. and Kevin R.C. Gutzman

The Living Constitution by David A. Strauss

The Annotated U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence Edited by jack N. Rakove

The House of Morgan by Ron Chernow An American Banking Dynasty

The Secet History of the American Empire by John Perkins

Idiot America  byCharles P.Pierce How stupidity became a virture in the land of the free

The End of America, by Naomi Wolf  Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot

Rouge Economics by Loretta Napoleoni

The System of the World by Neal Stephenson The world is a most confused and unsteady place...

The Creature from Jekyll Island by G.Edward Griffin  A second look at the Federal Reserve


Rather Outspoken  by Dan Rather, He got into a fight with the U.S.President during the heat of his re-election campaign. What did you think was going to happen? While reading this book I noticed that this all happened in Washington of the most powerful nation in the world. I did not forget what transpired four decades ago and was not even stunned about Dan Rather's personal experiences as a CBS correspondent of the White House. After finishing his book I knew my eleven presidents well enough not to question my own judgement. His story left no doubt in my mind that the truth always was the highest standard on his and my mind.

Wealth and Democracy. A Political History...  by Kevin Phillips

The Flame of Attention by Jiddu Krishnamurti, a must read book

Liberal Fascism   by Jonah Goldberg

In Fed we Trust  by David Wesel

Culture Imperialism  by Edward W. Said

The Retail Revolution by Nelson Lichtenstein  How Wal Mart created a brave new World of Business

Sam Walton-Made in America by Sam Walton with John Huey, my Wal-Mart story

In Defense of Globalism  by Jagdish Bhagwati

The Revolution by Ron Paul

Saving Freedom by Jim DeMist - We can stop America's slide into socialism


The Paradox of Global USA by Bruce Mazlish, Nayan chanda and kenneth Weisbrode with Patrick Robinson

Packaging Terrorism Co-opting the News for Politics and Profit by Susan Moeller

Die Globalisierungsfalle, Angriff auf Demokratie und Wohlstand by Hans Peter Martin und Harald Schumann

The Essential by Noam Chomsky

A Colossal Failure of Common Seense by lawrence G. Mc Donald The collapse of Lehman Brothers

Moyers on Democracy by Bill Moyers

The World is Curved by David M.Smick hidden Dangers to the Global Economy

The Thirteen American Arguments by Howard Fineman


The unknown is not measurable by the known. Time cannot measure the timeless, the eternal, that immensity which has no beginning and no end. But our minds are bound to the yardstick of yesterday, today and tomorrow, and with that yardstick we try to inquire into the unknown, to measure that which is not measurable. And when we try to measure something which is not measurable, we only get caught in words. Krishamurti, New Delhi 1970


Confesion of an Economic Hit Man  by John Perkins  www.buecher.de

12 Books that changed the world by Melvyn Bragg, a great overview

The meaning of the 21st Century (Transworld Publisher) by James Martin

The Future of Freedom (WW Norton & C0 ) by Farced Zakaria

Free World ( Penguin Books Ltd, London ) by Timothy Garton Ash

The European Dream ( Penguin ) by Jeremy Rifkin

America's Wars ( Mc-Graw Hill Book Co ) By Edwin P Hoyt

China - USA  by Jean-Francois Susbielle

Wohlstand durch Globalisierung (Beck im dtv ) by Thomas Apolte

Flächenbrand - Krise im Finanzsystem by Wolfgang Münchau

Notizen eines Weltbürger by Ryszard Kapuscinski

Kleine Weltgeschichte by Alexander Demandt

Eine bessere Welt ist möglich by Franz Alt - Rosi Gollmann - Rupert Neudeck

The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein  

Collaps, how societies choose to fail or succeed by Jared Diamond

The Grand Chessboard by Zbigniew Brzezinski

Second Change by Zbigniew Brzezinski, 3 Presidents and the crisis of American Superpower

Globalization - A very short introduction, by Manfred B. Steger

Pirates of the Caribbean, Axis of Hope by Tariq Ali

The Age of Turbulence, Alan Greenspan - A revelation of the finance world

Peace upon you, Zachary Karabell

 No Rights only Temporary Priveliges - I want unlimited rights

The Concise -33 Strategies of War, Robert Greene

Atlas shrugged, by Ayn Rand

I CHING in ten minutes, R.T.Kaser Guide to understanding the mysteries of the...

The Audacity of Hope, by Barack Obama  Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream?

DEAR MR. BUFFET by Janet Tarakoli

Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson

The Return of Depression Economics by Paul Krugmann

The Mystery of Capital  by  Hernando De Soto Why capitalism triumphs in the west and fails everywhere else

The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson, a financial history of the world

Paronoid Nation by Matt Towery

Seven Years that Changed the World by Archie Brown

21st Century Economy by Randy Charles Epping, a beginners guide

365 Ways to Live the Law of Attraction by Meora Lester

Music in Terezin 1941-1945 by Joza Karas - In the struggle for hope in these darkest of times

Tipping Point by Malcome Gladwell

All the News Unfit to Print by Eric Burns  How things were...and how they were reported.

The Age of the Unthinkable by Joshua Cooper Ramo Why the new world disorder constantly surprises us and what we can do about it.

Good to Great by Jim Collins Why some companies make the leap...and others don't

Fellow Citizens U.S. Presidential Inaugural Addresses by Robert V.Remini and Terry Golway

Sea of Glory by Nathaniel Philbrick America"s Voyage of Discovery 1838 - 1842

The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam by Robert S. McNamara - His denunciation of the Vietnam War

Argument without End by Robert S. McNamara - In search of answers to the Vietnam tragedy

Der Lange Weg nach Westen bei Heinrich August Winkler - Die Geschichte des Westens

Geschichte des Westens bei Heinrich August Winkler - Von den Anfängen in der Antike bis zum 20.Jahrhundert

Der Politische Mensch by Oskar Negt - Demokratie als Lebensform

Lords of Finance by Liaquat Ahamed - The Bankers who broke the world

The Industrial Revolutionaries by Gavin Weightman  The Making of the Modern World 1776-1914


Country Wisdom Edited by Ken & Janice Tate

Lies my teacher told me  by James W. Loewen - Everything your American History textbook got wrong

Dude, where's my country?  by Michael Moore - A brilliant act of sediction?

Listen up, Mr President  by Helen Thomas  Retirement with 89 years, congratulation!

Eat Right 4 your Type  by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo - The individualized diet solution to staying healthy, living longer and achieving your ideal weight.

On the Trail of Ghengis Khan by Tim Cope  10 000 km across the great Eurasian steppe to Hungary

Grandmothers Against the War  by Joan Wile - Getting off our fannies & standing up for peace.

The Nuclear Express by Thomas Reed and Danny B. Stillman - A political History of the bomb and its proliferation.

This is a must read book, it explains most of our problems.

The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richards Rhodes - A History of the Atom Bomb

Every Man Dies Alone by Hans Fallada

The NEWS - A Groundwork by Peter Stevens

American Conspiricies by Jesse Ventura with Dick Russel

What Orwell didn't know, Edited by Andras Szanto, Propaganda and the New Face.

The Verso Book Dissent, Preface by Tariq Ali, Edited by Andrew Hsiao - Andrea Lim

Washington Rules, America's Path to Permanent War, by Andrew J. Baclvich

Tower of Deseption by Barrie Zwicker, The Media cover-up of 9/11

What we say goes, Noam Chomsky, Conversation on U.S. Power in a Changing World

Let's Stop beating around the Bush by Jim Hightower. More Political Subversion.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, use the secret in every aspect in your life 

I have seen the Promised Land by David Adams

Diktatur der Gutmenschen by Boris Grundl, Das Gegenteil von gut ist gutgemeint!

Das Buch der Menschlichkeit by Dalai Lama, Werden Sie ein positiv gestimmter Mensch.

Breakdown by Bill Gertz - The Failure of American Intelligence

The Work of Nations by Robert B. Reich - American economy development.

The Couage to Survive by Dennis J. Kucinich, A childhood memory.

Woran krankt die Welt? by Ruediger Dahlke, Moderne Mythen gefährden unsere Zukunft.

eaarth, by Bill McKibben Making a life on a tough new planet

The Mirror Makers by Steven Fox,

The Anatomy of Peace by Emery Reeves

Garry Davis goes to court by Garry Davis 

The Watchman's Rattle by Rebecca Costa

Gateway to Eternity by Gary Edwards Haymes

"Occupy" Occupied Media by Noam Chomsky

Time for Outrage - Indgnez-vous! by Stephane Hessel

Ouotations of Martin Luther King, JR.

The Delaration of Independence and other Great Documents of American History  1775 - 1865 Edited by John Grafton

The Short History of the World by J.M.Roberts - The best to understand

Atrocitology by Matthew White - Humanity's 100 Deadliest Achievements

If Walls Could Talk - by Lucy Worsley - 

Why the West Rules-of now by Ian Morris

A Little Histoy of the World by E.H. Gombrich

State of Denial by Bob Woodward

Terrorism - The New World War by Lloyd Pettiford & David Harding

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy by Greg Palast

The Peace That Was Left by Emile Cammaerts

The History of the IRA by Brendan O'Brien

Titanic - A Passenger's Guide 1912

WHO AM I ? and if so, how many? by Richard D. Precht

American Caesars by Nigel Hamilton

Arms and Hunger by Willy Brandt

Democrips and ReBloodlicans by Jesse Ventura with Dick Russel

How the Irish saved Civilization by Thomas Cahill

The Great Divergence by Timothy Noah

America the Beautiful by Ben Carson M.D.

America: What went wrong? By Donald L. Bartlett and James B.Steele

The Tao of Joy Every Day by Derek Lin



I refer these titles to readers who would like to have a better overview and understanding. Idealistic citizens would like to bundle the confusion, misunderstanding and one sided views and with these reading materials to restore the confidence of common sense solutions.

By reading some of these books you get a quick summary about what is going on in our society and what we must do to make a difference. You will notice that "the obsticles to peace are in the minds and hearts of men." Norman Angell (1933) "Peace, like freedom is no original   state which existed from the start; we shall have to make it, in the truest sense of the word." Willy Brandt (1971)

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