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        You believe to know the answer...

       Let me reveal the truth in form of a question to you

       Questions "We the People" need answers for.

Because time does not stand still for anybody and "We the People" run out of time in our effort to have a fair and peaceful world, the 21st Century must be a turning point to communicate a committment for peaceful and enviromental solutions. We all know that today we don't stand a chance against the status quo, regardless what we do or how we look at things. There are many efforts world-wide to bring about positive change, but a peaceful solidarity is not in sight because different interest brought little result for decades. Democracy is the right system if the majority can voice consensus for the common good. Otherwise we continue with the ways and means of an obscure system. We have to convince ourselves that voting out our representatives on all levels  (or at least have limit terms) is the only way to fight back in our legal system. One term election will develop a new breed of politician because they won't get established within the system and have to listen more to their constituency while in office. This means less of  nepotism, corruption and un-constitutional legislation. A welcome site because "We the People" need time to solve our problems of apathy. For this reason we must remind us with questions about  past historic events to find out what kind of chance "We the People" have to make a difference. For starters we can read the Articles of Freedom and start communicating with groups that exist to help us. Whatever we do, we must develop consensus about our constitutional rights and turn over our representatives until we have nationwide initiative and referendum, balanced budget, limit terms and and common sense leadership. 
IQTask Question 1
 What has made it so durable that the peace symbol for over 50 years is still working today? Because it is a piece of our time.
IQTask Question 2
Why would  Arnold Stieber of Grass Lake, Michigan express his feeling in an Article to the Editor on 1.13.2005?
I am a Vietnam infantry veteran. I recently woke up to the reality of being a pawn. War is not glorious. If it were, the children of our leaders would be there. War does not bring peace. If it did, after all these thousands of years, we would live in a peaceful world. At best, war is the failure of leaders to solve problems. At worst, war is a vast money-generating machine that has no regard for life. The military does what it is told to do by politicians. The only protection it has is "We the People."  Let's protect our troops. Our politicians have failed.
 IQTask Question 3
 Why did a U.S. - British covert operation took place in mid August 1953 in Iran?
It had a critical impact because it intensified the Anti-American character of the revolution in the minds of many Iraniens. Do Americans care what other nations think about them?
IQTask Question 4
 Why did the U.S planned a fake terror attacks (Operation Northwood) on citizens to create support January 1961 for a Cuban War?
IQTask Question 5
Why did President Johnson ordered U.S. bombers to "retaliate" for a North Vietnamese torpedo attack that never happened in the Tonkin Gulf on August 1964?
 By reporting official claims as absolute truths, American journalism opened the floodgates for the bloody Vietnam War. Should the media learn out of this?
IQTask Question 6
What happens a mile around the White House?
To many lobbyists and Lawyers choose to stay in hotels. -  The armed services, headquartered at the world's largest office building "The Pentagon", make plans. -  Fraternity men bow towards the Capitol as part of a secret ritual. Police pat down juveniles for serious crimes. - The essence of Washington is the coexistence of the ruling class, the working class and the disenfranchised. - It's one polarity after another. - It has the highest per capita income in the country, yet nealy one in five live below the poverty line. - People come to demonstrate, but nobody is listening. - The President wants to know his people, but the  front of the White House is closed to traffic, further isolating him from the immediate surroundings. - Washington's principle business has always been politics; "The Big Money Game". - All this power is not wielded in public but subtly managed in secluded settings in a mile around the White House.- Most American will visit the international cultural mecca during the year and will take notice of an old lady in front of the White House, who is for two decades demontrating  for a world free of nuclear weapons and non-violence. - Has America become a melting pot that doesn't melt, and one wonders: Is Washington the new Heartland? May be Washington needs more moving vans every two, four or six Years to bring a new breed of public servant to the Capitol?
IQTask Question 7
Why did the Federal appeals court ruled that former prisoners of the CIA could not sue over their alledged torture in overseas prisons because such a lawsuit might expose secret government information?
Torture is a crime, not a secret. The state secrets doctrin should be inwoked only when the most grave national security matters are at stake, not to avoid embarrassing the government.
IQTask Question 8
Why did Dr. Martin Luther King became a Martyr of the Sit-Ins?
He lived as an American in a Constitutional Republic, every American is so proud off, and became an earnest, resourceful, untiring in the 1960s, the most prominent and one of the most powerful black leaders in the United States. When Martin Luther King spoke, in a rich blend of colorful analogy, intellectualism and plain rhetoric, his listeners were invariably moved. His message carried great sincerity. "All men are created equal. Not some men. Not white men. All men. America, rise up and come home". A continued plea for nonviolence against whites, he assumed the painful consequences of his unique position. "Why cannot people devote themselves to a great cause without finding someone who becomes the personification of the cause." Martin Luther King became a martyr for mankind. The civil right movement was the end of a tragic period in American history and the beginning of more solidarity among all races. All we need now is world peace.
IQTask Question 9
Why can't we see the fall of our republic?
There is no easy answer because it is developing for a long time. Coming to the defense  to most working people I would suggest to take 2:24:19 hours and listen to to "The Fall of the Republic" and then talk to sombody about it. I read and respect the Constitution of the United States of America and and came to the conlusion that the ultimate responsibility is with "We the People" when we stop taking sides and open our mind and develop a consensus to put an end to it. Why is  this so difficult , I am asking you?
IQTask Question 10
How we go about to restore the United States Constitution?
At election time, I only can think of one thing. Don't re-elect the incumbent. By law this is the only thing we can do, otherwise taxpayers will mortgage their existence and future of their children.
IQTask Question 11
When curiosity, motivation and compassion is the answer to a successful life, should the 21st Century  be the turning point from wars to  world peace?
If you seen the video "The Meaning of the 21st Century" and support our "Hands around the Globe" effort, nothing should stop us.
IQTask Question 12
Does the US Constitution protect WikiLeaks?
Only courts can decide how far the whistleblowing platform can go. Yet some companies have blocked the site, rather than waiting legal clarification. The cowardice is now threatening Internet freedom.
IQTask Question 13
Can free speech be protected on a private Internet?
IQTask Question 14
What will happen when we distribuate PeaseLeaks?
We would be the first who have used the power of Internet against governments war strategy, if people can voice consensus for world peace.
IQTask Question 15
Can Goldman Sachs really make money by investing $ 450 million in Facebook, at a vertigo-inducing price that values the social-networking compamy at $ 50 billion?
The finance crisis must have been what Goldman is creating  now, a "special purpose vehicle" to sell stocks to its wealthy clients and then will charge them 4% initial fee plus 5% of any profit. I am lucky that my bank is offering 2% on my savings.Sorry, it just went down to 1.5%.
Would not any Investment-banking firm on the planet eagerly take Goldman's place in the scheme, if offered the chance?
IQTask Question 16
What do we know about Lewis Franklin Powel,Jr (1907-1998) Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America who was nominated by President Richard Nixon?
Was he a judicial moderate, master of compromise and consensus building, good manner and politeness Judge? What was the Powell Memorandum all about?
IQTask Question17
Why did not the general public listen to Ralph Nader in the early 70's? 
The passion that rules in him - and he is a passioate man - is aimed at smashing utterly the target of his hatred, which is corporate power. He thinks and says quiet bluntly, that a great many corporate executive belong in prision - for defrauding the consumer with shoddy merchandise, poisoning the food suppy with chemical additives, and willfully manufacturing unsafe products that will maim or kill the buyer. He emphasizes that he is not talking just about `fly-by night hucksters`but the top management of the blue chip business. Taken from the Powell Memorandum August 23,1971 Quote of a recent article in Fortune Magazine about Ralph Nader.40 years later we all know that Ralph Nader spoke the truth, nothing but the truth. How many executives are sitting in jail? I nominate Ralph Nader  or Ron Paul for President. This would be a real change from the past. What do we have to loose? Just another one, like so many before. I know, it takes guts to do something like this. Remember somebody has to restore our Constituton for us or Americans get European or Asian conditions. 
IQTask Question 18
Should the American people elect Supreme Court Judges? Is justice served when a President nominates and partyline elects for life and we loose our 1st Amendment right to petition the Government for redress of grievance?
If you petition the Supreme Court as many times as www.givemeliberty.org did on the 1st Amendment and every case has no standing, you start wondering if you live in a Constitutional Republic and have rights.
IQTask Question 19
Why has the internet grown and flourished without burdensome federal regulations?
IQTask Question 20
IQTask Question 21 
Is there support for a U.S. Department of Peace, a bill introduced in 2003, 2007 and 2009 by Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio?
 If Congressman Kucinich re-introduces the bill HR 808, this legislation will pass from bill to law under one condition: that a wave of citizen interest rise up from the American people and make itself heard in the hall of Congress. Are "We the People" capable of doing this? Write your Congressman
IQTask Question 22
What do you think about the Tax Fairness and Simplification Act of 2010 sponsored by Senator Wyden D-OR and Gregg R-NH?
When I read about Income Tax, Tax Reform, Government Spending and National Debt, I wonder how a fair system should look like. So many ideas but so little is being brought forward. Does anybody really cares about it. Do Americans relate personal to the national debt? When not, who's debt is it?
IQTast Quesion 23
If great consequence, accountability in government depends on the people, who must exercise and enforce the right when necessary, for neither freedom nor the Constitution are capable  of defending themselves, then what is there to do when the government has now outlawed the right to petition?
Since 1995 People have been attempting to hold the government accountable to the Constitution by exercising the little known unalienable right guaranteed by the last 10 words of the First Amendment, and to petition the government for redress of grievances. Check part 2, Options anyone?
IQTask Question 24
Why would I read in "The Nuclear Express" A poltical history of the atom bomb and it's proliferation from Thomas C. Reed and Danny B. Stillman, two of the world's foremost nuclear weapons experts, and I quote:" The American people hope for an ara of competence, since the Nuclear Express may well come off its rail during the forty-fourth president's term in office"?
I am astonished reading this book from the discovery of fission in 1938 to the nuclear train wreck that might lie ahead. Our World Peace mission should be not in vain. We have no choice, but to voice consensus against use of nuclear weapons.
IQTask Question 25
Why is it so difficult for U.S. intelligence agencies to forsee the strenght of movements in North Africa? What factors prevent such intelligence from influencing American diplomacy? What else did U.S.intelligence agencies not see?
What else did U.S. intelligence agencies not see?The uprising in Eastern Europe. Remember how the break-up of the Warsaw Pact and the fall of the USSR were a surprise? They also did not see the Iraq invation of Kuwait coming, nor did they see the rise of the Chinese freedom movement. They also missed 9/11, they missed weapon of mass destruction in Iraq, they are the same intelligence agencies contributing to the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, they missed the popular uprising in Iran, Egypt, Tunesia, Libya, and others. The simple fact is intelligence agencies cannot stop history, they cannot even see it coming. Still thing they're worth $ 60 Billion a year? Think about it. Andrew Tubbiolo, Tucson,AZ 2.25.2011 New York Times
IQTask Question 26
Why is U.S.Secretary Hillary Clinton saying: "We are losing the infowar?"
CFR member Hillary Clinton said: "The fact that US television has now reached such lowest common denominator level that it is harming the very fabric of society."  She is obviously panicked about the fact that the US corporate media is now so distrusted and disparaged that it is rapidly losing its value to the US military-industrial complex as a vehicle through which to sell wars and hoodwink the public into swollowing official explanations behind staged crises that are used to eviscerate their freedom and livelihood. Paul Joseph Watson
IQTask Question 27
When a Congressman from the 20.NY District said: " Nuclear power is safe, should he also be knowledgable   about what to do with it's waste?
IQTask Question 28
Should the public have the right to make their elected officials get knowledgable about things what will  effect judgement and implementation? 
IQTask Question 29
Why do we declare war on everything we don't like such as "The War on Drugs", "The War on Crime", "The War on Fat", "The War on Smoking"?
Why not say, "Live in Peace without Drugs", "Live in Peace without Crime", "Live in Peace with less Fat", "Live in Peace Smoke-free".
IQTask Question 30
Is time lost, a los of wealth? Ist Zeitverlust, kein Vermögensverlust? Is there a consense between welfare earners, un-employment, part-time, minimum wage earners, high income earners, private business, government employees, institutional earners and cooperate business?
IQTask Question 31
What are we doing about the Trillions of Dollars in unfunded liabilities to come do on the back of our children, when we bankrupted as a nation?
IQTask Question 32
Is a real third-party a genuine thread to the status quo? Who said that we only have one party, the Demopublican?
IQTask Question 33
Is a stultifying government our real problem? Should we rather vote the incumbent out of office and tell the media to help our interest to restore the Constitution of the United States?
IQTask Question 34
Why don't we shake up the Anthill and tell the world the truth about ......Law? 
IQTask Question 35
How many remember when citizen of two nation fell victim to a new type of brain washing propaganda that ended in a six years world war and following fourty-five years cold war?
Today, one nation perfected this brain washing propaganda to a point of no return. What's left is a majority of scared, insecure, ignorant, apathetic, helpless, abject people who resign themselves to be  victims of terroristic behavior.
The war... war is an operation whereby people are being killed is not known, the benefit of people who do know and do not kill. World News 
                 History in the making... 
"Who will govern the governors? There is only one force in the nation that can be depended upon to keep the government pure and the governors honest, and that is the people themselves. They alone, if well informed, are capable of preventing the corruption of power, and of restoring the nation to its rightful course if it should go astray. They alone are the safest depository of the ultimate power of government."          Thomas Jefferson

...that is the people themselves.        

                                George Washington crossing gave Americans Freedom - Barack Obama crossing more deb

We write the year 2011 and the overall national debt, which is the accumulation of annual deficits, is $ 13.3 trillion, and projected deficits for the next decade will add an estimated $ 9 trillion more. Even if administration officials say two-thirds of that is due to chiefly tax cuts, wars and the medicare prescription drug benefit, taxpayers have to take notice. We owe it to ourselves, reading Congressman Ron Paul's book, '' End the Fed '' to get an overview, how the United States of America got into the finance crisis. Here is an excerpt of his book. It should make us think about how to get out of under.

'' When government breaks the law and defies the Constitution, it sets the standard that makes it much easier for society to do the same. When governments and politicians show contempt for the law, it's a signal that everybody else can do it as well. The real irony is that when the individual, lives within the Constitution and tries to hold government officials responsible, they become the lawbreakers. If a situation like this is not rectified, it is destined to lead to violance''.


In End the Fed, Ron Paul gets to the root of our financial troubles. His Congress experiences tell us the truth. After all, the time for real change, is now. After reading his book you will ask the same question everybody else is asking all along, What can I do about it?. For this reason we created this website and support the We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc. www.givemeliberty.org and hope you will do the same. Yes, there was a Continental Congress in November 2009, not a Constitutional Convention, but a Continental Congress. They are two very different things.

A Constitutional Convention is called by the state and federal governments for the purpose of amending the Constitution.

The Continental Congress 2009 was called by the The People, not to amend our Constitution, but to defend and restore the one we now have. Now people are active in almost all states to restore the Constitution in America. Look at the Article of Freedom at www.cc2009.us/aof

 We are trying to do something. We ask questions. Do we still believe that the world leadership can solve our problems? Anybody who follows the news around the world will have an opinion. I know that most people are not interested in what I have to say. Personal isolation haunts us all. The slogan "Talk is cheap because there is so much of it", reflects our time today. Is this the reason why common sense people do not make an impact on society? Many attempts to organize for the common good failed, but most organizations end up only being another interest group. We resign ourselves to the fact that it is easier to join the status quo and get one self the best advantages within the system. Is selfishness the measure of all things? What is there to do, if my consciences tell me something different? Most people suppress things because they know better. This is one reason why a minority rules over the majority. Another reason is that we do not challenge a creative destructive bureaucratic system that through interest, unrestrained behavior of legislators, money influence and often a little corruption is so obscure that we give up rather fighting for justice. In the past people solved their problems with revolutions, wars and terror. "Weapons of destruction" justifies our government with national security actions. This reminds us on George Orwell's book "1984" reign of terror. Our Constitutional rights are in question and intolerance displaces peace. Despite of it, citizens should be happy responsible taxpayers. Can we live with these contradictions and pass them on to future generations? Everybody should have an answer to this question. I read enough books, listen to talk shows and have many discussions about these issues and came to the conclusion to agree with Aristotle who wrote 2350 years ago: "all people who have meditated on the art of governing mankind, are convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth." Now that we have more young people, the ways and means for citizens to communicate worldwide, we all have to commit ourselves and develop consensus about the most important issue of our time "World Peace, Human Rights and Education". I could go on and list all the problems and players, but this will defeat our purpose to create a forum for students and make a positive contribution to world peace. VOICE is not interested to change systems or lifestyles. We want to make people think about themselves, participate in fair principals, and benefit from the experience of others who are working already all their life for the common good. We do not believe that some people are more equal then others and suggest that everybody commits himself or herself to a personal and world peace without exception. Only then, we can make a difference and reach out with a helping hand around the globe.

" The most pernicious form of tyranny is that which disguises itself as a benefactor to its victims."  Robert L.Schulz, We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc. www.givemeliberty.org


  Klaus Todte of VOICE - Mrs. and Mr. Bob Schulz of We the People" Foundation

IQTask Cool Questions about Politics, The Bill of Rights and Taxation... What the world needs now at the 21st Century is us and the will to do something about world peace and ourenvironment.

If freedom cannot be achieved by words and deeds, what must happen next?

What will ignite a populist movement? www.youtube.com/watch?v=DioQooFIcgE

Can the power of people's collective intelligence prevail?

Should not a system of "governing by the consent of the governed" empowers all the people, not just politicians and judges?

Are 300 000 000 people smarter than politicians and judges?

What will inspire "We the People" to rise? check with www.timeforanewteaparty.com
            What road are we traveling?                 What are our priorities?
         Do we have the courage?       Is it in us to talk about "Peace of Mind"?

Current  "We The People Headlines" ?

Is Health Insurance "Peace of Mind" for Americans who really wanted or need it, regardless of their health or financial situation? - Will the health care bill reduce deficits? - Does congress gives the health care industry millions of new customers? - Does congress subsidize insurance companies? - Why the fear and cynicism about the health bill what all previous administrations failed to achieve? - Why passage now and only by Democrats? - Why is the Supreme Court calling this legislation un-constitutional? Since when show we a concern about 30-40 milion people who never were part of the American dream and properly still looking for fulltime jobs? - What is wrong with the core principle that everybody should have some basic security when it comes to their health care? - President Obama claimed that health reform would "mark a new season in America", it aims to smooth out one of the roughest edges in American society or does health care, social security, driver licence, travel passport become the new "Homeland Security" ID for everybody to be tracked through life? Orwell 1984 has arrived?


                    Health Care Bill Passage 2010 - Democrats yea - Republicans nay

Now that the House has the majority, is the health care legislation in limbo?

What is going on with American politics? How can politicians from both sides of the isles look at each other?

Is't it appalling what the elected representatives do to their constiuency? I just read in the Congressional Records.

Will a string of financial scandals and crisis a quarter century of deregulation and free-market experimentation give away to a new round of big government financial regulation?

Have special-interest lobbyist their way with congress and the regulatory agencies?

If, "We the People" cannot ask government a question about taxpayers concern, how should  they go about to change it?  Articles of Freedom?

Should we consider supporting the Foundation for Constitutional Education who is working in our behalf  for the last 20 years?

What do we have to loose ? Should Taxpayers start organizing a Taxpayers Revolution, not only have Tea Parties?

Is the United States of America the first nation in the world to have a Taxpayer Revolution?

Do people still believe that their Representatives in Congress work for a fair taxation system?

Was it noticable that after the German reunification most politician from East Germany just changed their shirt?

If a system can collect revenues from taxpayers up to 3 Trillion dollars a year, does the system cares what the rest of us have  to say?

How can you call it democracy, when one vote makes the difference in the most important issues in our society?

Should we rather say, that one vote is packaged and giftwraped for the highest bidder or interest of concern, only to find out 20 years later?

1920 Congress voted by one vote against the League of Nation, 2009 Congress voted by one vote for a Bailout Plan; What these two events have in common?

Is the 2.5 Trillion Dollar Bailout and a increasing Government hand in the economy, the answer to all our problems, greedy financial barons created? 

Who empowers the Federal Reserve to approve, that three of the largest banks in China can lend money to American businesses?

What do citizens know about the "Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and the H-1B Visa Program what Senator Charles Grassley (Iowa R) and Bernie Sanders (Vermont I) would like to revise?

In the news is talk about starting a bad bank, isn't the Federal Reserve already one?

Does not our economy desperately need less of bloated, unproductive and increascingly parasitic banking system?

Has the banking system become an agent of destruction for the gross domestic product and of impoverishment for the middle class?

Since September 2008 the Feds lending program have roughly doubled the size of its balance sheet, to about $ 1.8 trillion what will expand well over $ 3 trillion over the next year. Should taxpayers know where the money is coming from?

When the Feds buy $ 1 Trillion in Securities to aid the economy out of thin air to thaw frozen credit market, who gets this money?

What consequences have long-term government bonds for the Feds, rather the short-term that it typically buys and sells to help control the money supply?

When Andrew M. Como is starting to unearth some of the most closely guarded secrets on Wall Street, the identities of Merrill Lynch employees who collected large bonuses even as the brokerage firm lost billions, who is procecuting them and all the others who are doing the same thing?

Now that Andrew M. Como is Governor of New York State, who will procecute them?

Are trials  a kind of competition between procecutors and defense lawyers who try to persuade a lay jury of the guilt or innocence of a defendant?

Should court proceedings on television serve the desire for objective information, or rather the lust for sensation?

Would transmitting trials on television place lawyers and judges under unbearable pressure of sensation-hungry viewers?

Are TV trials democratic bread or circuses?

What does the Time Magazine says about WikiLeaks? 

Could it become a journalistic tool as the Fredom of Information Act?

Is this news when 70% of people approve of WikiLeaks and 30% not? Who is the minority?

What is the different of confidential government and top secret information?

Did you read about top secret information on WikiLeaks?

Did you ever watched The Kaiser Report on RT Russia Today Television?

Do we need financial activism?

 Is it not a crime when money managers invested in Maddoff Investment Securities without the client knowing about it if all the estimated taxes are paid?

Was 75 years experience of the S.E.C.(Security Exchange Commission) not enough to recognize  Mr. Madoff ponzi scheme?

How much do we remember about Charles Ponzi in 1919?

What were the qualification of the last two chairman Christopher Cox and William Donaldson of the S.E.C.?

When cross-border leasing is an arrangement where lessor and lessee are situated in different countries, does it represents a significent additional issues to tax avoidance and tax shelters?

Why did the Job Act of 2004 made the vast majority of cross-border leases unprofitable?

Does the closure of loopholes in U.S. tax law means that German municipalities loose a financing instrument with the cross-border leasing agreements?

                          Direct Taxation and the Constitution

The responsibility of Americans to pay income taxes came with the passage of the 16th Amendment (1913). Before that the government was constrained to raise revenues by direct taxes apportioned among the states by census figures. Throughout this period, Congress relied primarily on import duties and excises to raise revenue. During the Civil War, when the government needed more revenue than these traditional sources could provide, Congress instituted an income tax which remained in effect until 1872. But, the Supreme Court found in the case of Pollock v. Farmers' Loan and Trust Co in 1895 that a direct income tax was unconstitutional. In large part, the movement to institute an income tax was a reflection of the shifting patterns of wealth in America in the late 1800s. The captains of industry were accumulating great fortunes and were essentially free from taxation. Farmers and the middle class had pushed for income tax legislation in Congress, and succeeded with the Wilson-Gorman Act of 1894, but the major provisions of this act were declared unconstitutional in the Pollock decision.
Many of the same forces that had gained passage of the Wilson-Gorman Act succeeded in having a similar act passed in 1909. They were joined by many conservative Republicans in Congress who drafted an Amendment to the Constitution, instituting an income tax that same year. The Amendment ratified in 1913, gave Congress the power to tax individual incomes without apportionment among states, a census or numeration. The question, was the 16th Amendment properly ratified in 1913 is still not answered by our government. More information on taxes and the income tax issue check with
 the following websites

                Winken  www.livefreenow.org Freedom law School

                   Beschämt  http://www.salestax.org/ National Retails For Aliance

                Schreien  http://www.federalbudget.com/ Treasury Department

                Unschuldig  http://www.cagw.org/ Citizens Against Government Waste

                Fettnäpfchen  http://www.atr.org/  American For Tax Reform

                    Lachanfall  www.itweb.org  International Tax Dialogue

                    Cool www.ourcaucus.com  Independence Caucus.

How does theinternationalforecaster.com information stands up against the above.

On what side you think is The Concord Coalition on, a grassroot organization who wants to keep Congress accountable?

Fighting taxes is as American as baseball, apple pie, Chevrolet and Uncle Sam, with one exception that Uncle Sam, who symbolizes the government and people, is on the taxpayer's side, because the people elect their government. This is a fact and not fiction based on the U.S. Constitution. Now that we recognize where we are coming from, we, the taxpayers, must make a commitment to ourselves and protect our interest. Our interest is self-determination, home rule and fair taxation. Because our elected officials became in our name tax collectors and money distributors to causes they see fit, we must understand that the only way we can protect ourselves is not turning over any more of our earned money until we develop or receive financial accountability from our elected officials. The aim of a Taxpayer Association and Fair Tax Groups www.fairtax.org    to help our elected officials to become more informed on a regular basis; to let them know how we feel about our town, county, state and country affairs. With this kind of communication, those who represent us will become better public servants or legislators. Let's turn voters apathy into a positive response and develop consensus among taxpayers for the common good. Lets talk to people and seek volunteers who would like to get involved. We can help you to get started in your community.
The National Taxpayers Union
www.ntu.org publishes Dollar & Sense and Capital Ideas six times a year. For most taxpayers a bias overview of what is going on in Washington D.C. Why NTU is not more visible in protecting taxpayers rights, depends on us citizens to give this Organization our support to talk in our behalf. Here again we have to remember that freedom needs less the protection of the government from it's citizens rather the protection of it's citizens from the government. We must link together and give our representatives a better picture of who we are. With the NTU we can achieve this goal. World Taxpayers Association www.worldtaxpayers.org is a non-profit organization and was officially established 1988 at the Foreign Press Club in Washington D.C. Thirteen leaders of Taxpayers Associations from all over the world had come together to establish World Taxpayers Association. The Taxpayers Movement has grown out of the desire of citizens to protect themselves from the increasing tax claims of the state. Co-operation gives strength. But no organization will become stronger than the power by individual associations in each county or country. Thus the associations need taxpayers support everywhere to grow in size and influence. Let's use common sense. Do we really think that our political system will improve and work for the common good or do we have to support Taxpayers Associations everywhere to keep our elected officials waste and corrupt free. We may have to voice consensus to close loopholes and interest spending and scare our politician with the elimination of the party systems, a flat tax or a non-confidence vote at the next elections.
The world is shrinking more each year through improved means of communication. It is now time for Taxpayers Associations everywhere to join together; supporting each other in the important task to work towards lowered taxes and greater individual freedom for citizens.
What language should we borrow to thank you friend for joining the only cause worth while working for peace, civil rights and fair taxation.
We have to realize that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance and needs a personal commitment to make a difference.

If Tom Paine's pamphlet " Common Sense" has stirred the passion of prominet colonists on January 10,1776, then it should stir the passion of taxpayers after the 2008 financial disaster. Let's talk to each other and use taxpayers common sense, only then we will continue to live in a Constitutional Republic with a future. We have to stand up for the failure of our system. Let us communicate an acronym TIP´R´ Taxpayer Internet Peace ´Revolution` until we overcome the arrogance of all the people who constantly find new ways and means to get their hands into our pockets. This must be our moment as American taxpayer to show the rest of the world our true face and fair attentions.


Follow your pocket book and contact your Local and National Taxpayer Organizations and be part of a fair democratic due process.

IQTask Cool Questions about Common Sense... What the world needs now is your presents and answers of peaceful resolutions.

Isn't it remarkable that the press can find every women with whome Tiger Woods has had an affair in the last few years, with photos, text messages, recorded phone calls, ect. They know not only the cause of the family fight, but they even know it was a wedge from his golf bag that he used to break out the window in the escalade. Not only that, they know which wedge! This is the same press (or is it?) that cannot locate Obama's birth certificate...or any of his papers while in college, truly remarkable.

The advertiser which are spending up to 3 Million Dollars for each 30-second commercial during Super Bowl XLIII, would they spend this money without a write-off clause in our tax laws?

First baseman for the Seattle Mariners, earning 50 Million Dollars over four years. In 2007 he hit barely .200 for the season and struck out more times than all but a handful of players. Is it true that never in the history of the game had so much been paid for so little production?

Who can comprehend that by 2006 total compensation for C.E.O.s of the largest companies was 364 times that of the pay of the average worker?

Is America's meritocracy, were we pay for the best and reward are market-driven still prevalent?

More and more I am wondering about all the News Stations as CNN, Headline News, Bloomberg, CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News and others, on who's side there are  in reporting on the finance crisis?

When Congress looked for the last 20 years away from the financial business, instead strenghtening the SEC, Security Exchange Commission, are they all part of the problem?

Why I am lost for words about the AIG $ 165 Million bonuses to executives in the same business unit that brought the company to the brink of collaps last year after receiving $ 170 billion bailout money?

Is the federal stimulus plan a step towards billions dollars of deficit, new taxes and a substantial slowdown in the growth of health care spending?

Who are the three man 10 years ago on the Time magazine cover dubbed as "the committee to save the world", creating them with leading the global financial system through the crisis?

What have Robert Rubin, Alan Greenspan and Lawrence Summer to say about the finance crisis today?

Are America's current difficulties reminiscent to crises in places like Russia and Argentinia?

Even if we cannot compare the Great Depression with today's financial crisis, was it not the inability of the world major economics after world war I to cooperate?

Should cooperation not be the key issue of the G-20 summit?

If President Obama is a brilliant speaker and his words thrilled a Europe that wants to believe he can built peace and a nuclear-free world, then why was so little support for Afghanistan at the G-20 summit?

How does the U.S. Defense Secretary propose to steer the military away from its decades-long focus on major wars?

When does paranoia makes sense?

Is it true that the government made it mandotory for banks to finance low income people to buy homes through suprime mortgages loans, paid bonuses to agents and then bundled mortgages and sold them to investment banks?

What is a "shaddow banking system"? Hedge Funds? Junk Bonds? Derivatives?

How does President Obama wants to crack down on offshore tax avoidance with multinational corporations and wealthy induviduals?

How long knew our government that there are $ 700 billions or more in overseas account?

What formular is behind the $ 700 billion bailout amount?

Why the amout of $ 700 billion, not $ 800 or 0 billion?

When the government budget alone has to pay $ 4 Trillion in interest payments for the next 10 years, what is a Billion Dollar a day or $ 3.3 Million for every American citizen, could my Representative to Congress please tell me how I will pay for it without going bankcrupt and lowering my standard of living?

IQTaskQuestion 36

Should we become more aware of the consequences of the mistake we been encouraged to accept: that America is the world; and the world is America?

Implicit belief that every human being is a potential American should put our conscience to work.

IQTaskQuestion 37

Was 9/11 the result of American Foreign Policy?

American have to reconsider the sense of entitlement that underwrites the lifestyle known as the "American Dream" which the U.S. seeks to recur through the working of it's Foreign Policy.

IQTask Question 38

Why does "Occupy Wall Street" inspires tens of thousands of people in the US and around the world to take a stand for economic justice and for societies that serve the common good? 

"We are the 99 percent" and devided we fall, together we rise!

IQTask Question 39

Does "Occupy Wall Street" shows us the real face of "Homeland Security", when 5000 demonstrators arrests were made throughout the United Stares?

It keeps everybody already busy for centuries:  people, police, media and courts. Of course all this happens because we have our rights and live by our Constitution?

IQTask Question 40

We all heard something in the past about the CIA, KGB now FSD, Mossad, ISI, MSS, BND, DGSE, RAW, ASIS and all other countries Intelligence Agencies who's primary weapon is to destabilize the target, the public will have no  knowlegde for years to come. Then we know something about the costly Military branches and that most countries have a diplomatic immunity corp. Many think that the United Nations is a veto creation of the five victors of world war two and so is the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, International Economic Development Council and International Think Tanks and other global institutions. Beside, we don't know very much about the Council of Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission and the Illuminati Members? The Billion/Trillion Dollar question is:"WHO IS IN CONTROL"?

Just getting used to instant Internet Information, this question makes you feel like standing between a door  with the thought that you should not have opened it. You will not change anything. A real war and peace conflict. How to convince all the participants of the truth, rightness, or reality of what is done or stated, should not produce a fanatical pacifist but a common sense peaceful person to think about it. Being a person who learned to think for himself, I am not any further with an answer as a person who does not. The word complex is an overstatement and not answering an understatement. This website is working on a precision sentence structure for people to understand the human tragedy of not overcoming pessimism. 

IQTask Question 41

Why should everybody register with occupypeace@icloud.com?

To be one in a million to work with us on a precision sentence structure to explain publicly that only world peace solidarity will make a difference to improve human relations on planet earth.

IQTask Question 42

Why is it so important for the media to report the cost of $ 2.5 Billion of an incumbent election, how close the race will be, an unrealistic job growth accelerated in October while the unemployment rate ticked higher  and no plans for debt reductions and foreign policy changes, that will pave peaceful ways and means for future prosperity?

It is nothing but a media spectacle what benefits only business and the Obama Administration with the old rhetoric to benefit the middle class. Talk is cheap because there is so much of it and the next four years the U.S. will have a lame-duck president. With other words more of the same. Americans are getting use to more european bureaucracy and will come one step closer to a collaps of their capitalistic system "The American Dream".

IQTask Question 43

Would the American public believe, if they found out that the Republican Party does not want the 2016 Presidency? I don't think so, because "Election is Big Business". Would they believe that the Republican will win the 2020 Presidency by a landslide? I think so, because then they can divorse themselves from their previous candidate as  media reported  "incompetent, not presidential looking" candidate. Is anybody interested of finding out why?  Before I answer, pleace read a book written by Donald Trump " Think like a Champion" and then discuss it with us "Why, How and Who is behind all this serious nonsens the media presents us. 9.26.2016 1.Presidential Debate

IQTask Question 44

Why did Congress Veto overrides Obama's Bill allowing terror victims to sue foreign governments? Overwhelmingly by House voice vote 348-77, Senate 97-1. reported by WSJ on 9.28.2016 7:47pm. I am sure that the Power of Money is behind it. 





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