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Young people are the pioneers of new ways, since they face many temptations it will not be easy to know what is best.

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       What are we doing for our children and grandchildren?

       Are we willing to start for them a path to world peace one day

   We are International Peace Messengers and have a plan

         Nobel Laureates and youth working together. Change starts here.   

     PeaceJam.org - A Billion Simple Acts of Peace through solidarity.

Give peace a chance - John Lennon. All I want is the truth  -   Surrender to peace

We Welcome you to become an "International messenger". Let's overcome our difference between nations for humanity sake and have a peaceful world. Everybody should try to communicate in a language of understanding, and respect human rights. People should put aside the fear, hostility, greed, ignorance, and give themselves an honest chance to address our problems. It takes education, equality, understanding, opportunity, compassion and a sense of responsibility to the world we live in to have peace on earth.
What does the name 
stands for? Vision Of Idealistic Citizens Everywhere. Who are the Idealistic Citizens Everywhere? Citizens who care about earth and its people. What is the objective of VOICE? To develop a common language of understanding through communication and the Establishment of C.O.M.A.-Community Occupy Movement Affiliated Meet-up Circles around the world and vision of a Department of Peace in every country. What will international communication do for citizens? Achieve world peace on earth, deal better with cultural differences, share resources, and meet new friends. VOICE is dedicated to Facebook.com/wewuwei and a Citizen World Peace Agreement and a Youth World Peace Forum, is non-profit, non-political, and non-partisan. What language shall we borrow to thank you for joining the only cause worth while working for: "Peace & Justice". Humanity's fundamental rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness can be saved only by the effort of citizens who speak for them.

As an "International messenger" you join the most tolerant group of people on earth. Our effort could go down in history as the greatest "Act of all times". Idealistic citizens throughout the world communicating with each other and breaking down the walls of fear and misunderstanding. Progress whether on a personal or global scale depends on thinking and behavior that is positive and constructive. The world is undergoing dramatic, often violent changes, guilt and negativity frequently shape human behavior. To make a difference we have to create a peaceful revolution. We have to become a key element in changing perception. Idealistic citizens everywhere are up to this task because they want to change the divide and conquer with a common sense philosophy.

        We don't point fingers at you - we just want you to understand sooner what is happening around you -  Pick up the sign, your future is at stake! 

We write the year 2016 at the beginning of the 21st Century. The human race is at a crossroad and in a situation that only few people have been telling us all along, “The world is getting smaller”. We use our spare time and hope that many follow. In the next 10 years we would like to build consensus among likeminded citizens and ease our frustration in form of asking questions to analyse and sort things out. No longer we fall victim to apathy, rhetoric and new ideology. On the contrary, we follow our idealism because we believe that nothing is lost as long you stay focused on fairness and the common good, use the newest technology and communicate world-wide. In our society we were told for the last hundred years that with 21 years of age you are an adult. Now we say that in the 21st Century we have to behave as adults and remember the golden rules and values we were told as children. Business has developed the bottom line for results. Citizens everywhere have to draw a bottom line for world peace. We should not look any longer for excuses or blame everything on something else. Don't become an experts of nothing, instead open your mind, listen to your instinct and communicate in a language of understanding. 

How Can You Help ?

1. Join us "WeDoPeace" and start contacting ten people in your community, one of them should become a potential Peace Sheriff with an community overview and seek peaceful minded citizens to be active as Peace Diplomats and Messengers. 2. Support and sign a Citizen World Peace Agreement PetitionOnline, formulate questions for their elected representatives and tell relatives and friends to make appointments or send E-Mails to their Congressman in support of a Department of Peace Legislation. Tell the rest of the world that you want "World Peace". 3. A Peace Diplomat should make contact with elected officials and relay the feeling that common sense people in their community are as concerned as any interest group. The rest of the community should become of their FREE WILL Peace Messengers and talk to Family Members, Friends and acquaintances to restore the needed confidence through positive thinking. 4. Have meet-up circles and communicate to have local Peace Walks to get to know each other and participate on a World Peace Quilt. 5. Talk to your school principles and teachers to participate in an International Internet Youth Peace Forum, by referring to our common sense effort. All this will help give peace a face and a voice and will make of coming generations PeaceMakers.


         A Serious World Peace Petition

Dear friend. If we haven't met, it is time we get to know each other. Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of things and still be calm in your heart. My name is E Pluribus Unum - One of many. I started 2006 this website  www.voice-consensus.com for world peace. For fourty years I am working on ways and means for peaceful solutions. History tells us that the minority kept the majority for too long in bondage and nothing will change until individuals and peace organizations find a way to come together. An Internet Question Task (Formulating questions for our elected reprentatives) will shed light on the fact why it is so difficult to find answers. Concerned people with an open mind should agree on a way to get peaceful results. Our philosophy of electing representatives should mean that men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. This is set forth in America's founding document "The Declaration of Independence". After years of creative and destructive developments, people ask what kind of future they will have without world peace? Who will reign; continue status quo or citizens vigilance? Talk is cheap because there is so much of it. Not much will change until citizens everywhere commit themselves to the most important issues of our time: "World Peace and Human Rights". Technology brought us to a turning point in human history. Ahead is a century of massive change and no opinion can turn anything around unless we learn to understand our constitutional rights and due process. Otherwise we allow the status quo to control us. The saying "What can I do about it", common sense people must replace with an effort to develop consensus. Humanity's fundamental right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness can only happen through the effort of citizen who speak for them. Many ideas and programs were started, but most of them ended with "May Peace Prevail on Earth". Admirable but wishful thinking. The fact is that no citizen and government on earth ever commited themselves to a World Peace Agreement that expressed the hopes, dreams and desires of most citizen and the human rights it guarantees that should be upheld by every nation. The origin of signing a World Peace Petition is the most far-reaching undertaking of our times. We are confronted with a question; is it possible to create a chain reaction throughout the world and offer our help to the United Nations to achieve world peace? It will be the first time ever that citizens around the world determain an outcome with a personal commitment to become confidence builders for all organizations in the world who work all along for the common good and take on a peaceful task in their country. This is a positive way to get results in a world that is failing to secure all citizens rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  The human race has to mature. Be one of many and sign a Peace Petition. Please pass on this grassroot information to a person you think should know about it. 


                  A round table discussion meet-up circle for  "World Peace and Human Rights"

Every age and generation must be as free to act for itself, in all cases, as the ages and generation which preceded it. The vanity and presumption of governing beyond the grave, is the most ridiculous and insolent of all tyrannies.                 I have always held it an opinion that it is better to obey a bad law, making use at the same time of every argument to show its error and procure its repeal, then forcible to violate it; because the precedent of breaking a bad law might weaken the force, and lead to a discretionary violation of those which are good. Thomas Paine, Author of "Common Sense"

Lauf nicht der Vergangenheit nach und verliere dich nicht in der Zukunft. Die Vergangenheit ist nicht mehr. Die Zukunft ist noch nicht gekommen. Das Leben ist hier und jetzt.


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